Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cloud Month on F5 DevCentral


The term ‘Cloud’ as in Cloud Computing has been around for a while. Some insist Western Union invented the phrase in the 1960s; others point to a 1994 AT&T ad for the PersonaLink Services; and still others argue it was Amazon in 2006 or Google a few years later. And Gartner had Cloud Computing at the top of their Hype Cycle in 2009.

No matter the birth year, Cloud Computing has become an integral part of an organization’s infrastructure and is not going away anytime soon. A 2017 SolarWinds IT Trends report says 95% of businesses have migrated critical applications to the cloud and F5's SOAD report notes that 20% of organizations will have over half their applications in the cloud this year. It is so critical that we’ve decided to dedicate the entire month of June to the Cloud.

We’ve planned a cool cloud encounter for you this month. We’re lucky to have many of F5’s Cloud experts offering their 'how-to' expertise with multiple 4-part series. The idea is to take you through a typical F5 deployment for various cloud vendors throughout the month. Mondays, we got Suzanne Selhorn & Thomas Stanley covering AWS; Wednesdays, Greg Coward will show how to deploy in Azure; Thursdays, Marty Scholes walks us through Google Cloud deployments including Kubernetes.

But wait, there’s more!

On Tuesdays, Hitesh Patel is doing a series on the F5 Cloud/Automation Architectures and how F5 plays in the Service Model, Deployment Model and Operational Model - no matter the cloud and on F5 Friday #Flashback starting tomorrow, we’re excited to have Lori MacVittie revisit some 2008 #F5Friday cloud articles to see if anything has changed a decade later. Hint: It has…mostly. In addition, I’ll offer my weekly take on the tasks & highlights that week.

Below is the calendar for DevCentral's Cloud Month and we’ll be lighting up the links as they get published so bookmark this page and visit daily! Incidentally, I wrote my first Cloud tagged article on DevCentral back in 2009. And if you missed it, Cloud Computing won the 2017 Preakness. Cloudy Skies Ahead!

June 2017

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
28 29 30 31 ​ 1  ​

Cloud Month Intro & Calendar

Flashback Friday: The Many Faces of Cloud

Lori MacVittie
4 5

Successfully Deploy Your Application in the AWS Public Cloud

Suzanne Selhorn

Cloud/Automated Systems need an Architecture

Hitesh Patel

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to BIG-IP in Azure

Greg Coward
8  ​

Deploy an App into Kubernetes in less than 24 Minutes

Marty Scholes

F5 Flashback Friday: The Death of SOA Has (Still) Been Greatly Exaggerated

11 12  ​

Secure Your New AWS Application with an F5 Web Application Firewall

13  ​

The Service Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architecture


DCCloud17 X-tra!

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to BIG-IP in Azure – ‘Deployment Scenarios’


DCCloud17 X-tra!
15  ​

Deploy an App into Kubernetes Even Faster (Than Last Week)

16  ​

F5 Flashback Friday: Cloud and Technical Data Integration Challenges Waning

18 19

Shed the Responsibility of WAF Management with F5 Cloud Interconnect

20  ​

The Deployment Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architecture

21  ​

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to BIG-IP in Azure – ‘High Availability’


DCCloud17 X-tra!

LBL Video: BIG-IP in the Private Cloud 
22  ​

Deploy an App into Kubernetes Using Advanced Application Services

23  ​

Flashback Friday: Is Vertical Scalability Still Your Problem?

25 26  ​

Get Back Speed and Agility of App Development in the Cloud with F5 Application Connector


The Operational Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architecture


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to BIG-IP in Azure – ‘Life Cycle Management’


What’s Happening Inside My Kubernetes Cluster?


Cloud Month Wrap!

Titles subject to change...but not by much.


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