Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Clear, Clouded Conversation

Cloud Computing dominates many conversations these days and last week we had a great discussion with Michael Sheehan and Telemachus Luu of ServePath covering Cloud Computing and ServePath’s unique hosting solutions.  Lots of nice nuggets of information in this podcast and both Michael & Telemachus help clear up some of the overcast impressions  on Cloud Computing.  Head on over to the Media site to hear more!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stop, Click & Listen

A couple days ago I talked about our efforts to make multimedia versions of some F5 content available, to go with our printed materials.  Today’s story is an audio version of Lori MacVittie’s ‘Built to Scale’ whitepaper.

From Lori’s intro:

Incorporating an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) into the architecture of a web application provides the ability to scale seamlessly without rewriting the application or suffering outages. By proactively designing a scalable application that incorporates the advanced features of an ADC, you can ensure that when your application hits superstar status, it will perform like one.

You can listen right from DevCentral or download the mp3 to catch it later…..and more are coming!  Stay tuned.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Tell me a Story, Whitepaper style.

In his best ‘announcer’ voice, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen – psilva productions in association with the F5 Players present: 

F5 OnDemand Audio Whitepaper Series!!’

Once upon a time, in a communication method still used today, people would download, print, and then read (when they got the chance) F5 Whitepapers to learn about the latest trends, understand new features or simply to gain some knowledge from any of the many thought provoking writers at F5.  This presented some challenges, however.  You needed to actually ‘look’ at the whitepaper to gain insight on that particular topic and I won’t even touch the ‘green’ aspects of printing pages of reading material.  Well, no more!!  In addition to being able to download and print F5 whitepapers, you can now listen to the mp3 version.  There’s ‘Books on Tape,’ why not ‘Whitepapers on mp3.’ 

We are in the process of creating some new exciting content in hopes of offering you various delivery and sensory options.  The first of which is the Audio Whitepaper: Simplifying Application Access Strategies of the printed piece from  You can listen right from your browser or download the mp3 for later listening – in your car, on the plane, waiting in line, wherever your portable mp3 player goes, F5 can follow.   We’ll have Media links available both on DevCentral (if this is your daily destination) and in the Whitepaper section on  There are a few more ‘in the can’ and we’ll be making those available soon, plus we plan on offering this an alternative delivery method for all our whitepapers, moving forward.  We’ll also go back into the archives and record some of our most popular papers.  Hopefully your favorite(s) are on the list but, we certainly take requests.  :-) 

Give a listen and let us know what you think.